MycoKey 4.0
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What is MycoKey?

MycoKey is an innovative information system to the fungi implemented as a computer program (PC and Mac installed version of MycoKey) and an online service. A 1.2 Gb trial version is available for download here.

MycoKey allows the user to perform simple searches or complex identifications using synoptic keys (also called interactive keys, multi-access keys or random-access keys) including the Morphing Mushroom Identifier (try the online version). Identifications are done by means of check boxes and drop down menus through a fully illustrated interface. You enter the characters and MycoKey finds the likely genera (why genera?).

As a result you will get taxonomic, nomenclatural and phylogenetic information and descriptions of genera and selected species. Running the installed version you can also analyze sets of genera to find discriminating characters between these.

MycoKey 4.0 covers more than 1,100 genera of the Basidiomycota and Ascomycota that occur in Northern Europe (i.e. Europe north of the Alps). MycoKey includes more than 3,300 species illustrated by more than 8,400 high quality illustrations (see examples), more than 24,000 cross references to literature and local names in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Version 4.0 also contains 600 analytical species keys to agarics, boletes, cyphellaceous fungi, aphylloporales and gastromycetes including all keys from Funga Nordica 1. edition, from Nordic Macromycetes vol. 3, and from the Danish atlasproject (try the Funga Nordica key to Amanita).

MycoKey 4.0 sports a whole new, simplified user interface including a very convenient report view where all pictures of the genus is presented in conjunction with the genus description. It also includes a new system for automated internet searches for literature and for finding further information through MycoBank, Gbif, Index Fungorum, Google and Cyberliber.

Confused about the online and installed version? See the use online or installed version? page.

Having problems installing MycoKey? Check the help and FAQ page.