MycoKey 4



Use MycoKey online or the Installed MycoKey?

The MycoKey synoptic key can be used in two ways: The online Morphing Mushroom Identifier (MMI) or the full Installed MycoKey application run on your own computer. In short the MMI is for the beginner whereas the Installed MycoKey is for the more experienced or academic user.

The online MMI can be used at once, you only need an internet connection and the proper web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Safari). But the MMI is limited to rather common taxa and to rather basic fungal groups like the Agarics and this version only gives you the most basic characters to choose from.

The installed MycoKey contains almost all genera of Basidiomycota and discomycetes (Ascomycota) from Northern Europe. It contains almost 900 genera, including polypores, club fungi, corticiaceous fungi, jellyfungi and the operculate and inoperculate discomycetes. It also includes many hundreds advanced characters, (e.g. microscopical characters), more than 8,400 pictures, 24,000 cross references and the ability to analyze the chareacter sets of different genera against each others. Starting with MycoKey version 4 all analytical species keys from the Funga Nordica project is included in the Installed MycoKey.

What is the best way to start with the I
nstalled MycoKey?

Download the free 14 days demo to check if the program runs smoothly on your computer. Also try opening the species key to Amanita: First find the genus Amanita; then go to the "Species identification centre"; then choose the "pdf-keys"-tap; then click the link to "Jan Vesterholt 2008: Key to the Nordic species of Amanita". The key should open in your preferred pdf-viewer. If nothing happens, see the section »Problems opening the pdf-keys?« below.

After deciding that everything works and that MycoKey is worth the money, buy a license and enter the authorization code in your already downloaded and installed application. This will unlock your demo and give access to the full MycoKey including all pdf-based Funga Nordica keys.

How does the web shop work?
We use the web shop provided by FastSpring. This gives us a secure connection which can receive all kinds of payments (credit cards, pay pal, wire transfer, etc.). It handles multiple currencies and VAT-information.

After finishing the order you receive an email containing your registration key. If you haven't allready installed the trial, do this fram the MycoKey pages. When the download is finished, start the installer and follow the instructions. Enter the registration key when starting MycoKey.

If you have already installed the trial version (recommended) you don't have to download and install again -- just enter the registration key when starting MycoKey.

Problems opening the pdf-files?

Do you have a functioning pdf-reader installed?
The analytical keys included in MycoKey is in the pdf file format. To view these you need an installed pdf-viewer on your computer. On Mac OS the system has its own viewer, whereas under Windows you have to install an external viewer, e.g. Adobe reader.

Is the pdf reader set up to be the default reader for pdf-files?
On both operating systems the system needs to know which program has to handle the pdf-files. Under windows you can handle this with the control panel »Default Programs«. On Mac you can take the info on a pdf file and set the preferred pdf reader here. Then apply to all similar files.

Problems upgrading from version 2.x

I some cases an error message like: »The database cannot be used. The same external package is installed twice. 4D_Pack. Can´t open database Mycokey.4DC« is displayed when you try to start a newer version of MycoKey after having an older version installed.

The solution is to make a search for files and folders containing the word »MycoKey«and delete the found items. When Windows asks if you want to search also hidden files and folders choose yes and perform the search and delete again. Then reinstall MycoKey.




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