MycoKey 2.5



Which version should I buy?

If you have a decent internet connection you should buy and download MycoKey via the internet. This gives you the most updated version at all times. Note that the download is about 480 Mb and may easily take an hour with a moderately fast internet connection. You can start downloading the full 14 days trial and buy a license later or buy and download at once.

If you do not have a fast internet connection buy the DVD version. The DVD is version 2.1 and you may be advised to download an additional update via the internet.

Go to the buy and download page to find the right choice.


How does the web shop work?

We use the web shop provided by SWREG. This gives us a secure connection which can receive all kinds of payments (credit cards, pay pal, wire transfer, etc.). It handles multiple currencies and VAT-information.

After finishing the order you receive an email containing your download link, the registration number and a link to an invoice/receipt. When the download is finished, start the installer and follow the instructions.

If you have ordered the DVD version you should receive a small packet with the DVD within two weeks.


Can MycoKey run from a DVD?

Yes. After installing MycoKey on your hard drive you can burn the whole installation to a DVD. It will then run from the DVD although things will be rather slow.


Palettes and windows looks strange

The sizing and placement of MycoKey's palettes and windows on your display depends on the version of operating system you are using. MycoKey is mostly tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OSX (10.3-10.4) where there should normally be no problems. Windows 2000 is the dark horses where strange things may happen but basically MycoKey should work on this operating system too.

For now, the only known problem occurs if you switch your XP installation from the theme "XP" to the theme "classic" after which palettes are misplaced. The solution is to return to the theme "XP" while using MycoKey.




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