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Take a trip around the world of fungi . . .

This page enables you to take a virtual trip into the biodiversity of the Mycota by linking to major collections of mushroom photographs around the world. We have tried to cover resources from as many parts of the world as possible. If you know of obvious omissions form badly covered areas (e.g. South America, Africa or Asia), please let us know.

Apart from the local sites on the map there you could also visit a number of web sites holding worldwide picture collections, e.g. MycoKey, Taylor Lockwoods fungal photos, Jens H. Petersens gallery and Roger Phillips fungal photographs.

While you travel around the globe, be aware that there are many misidentified fungi around. It is estimated that the world contains between 1 and 1.5 million fungal species of which only about 100,000 are at present formally described. As we want names on our collections we tend to fit our specimens into known taxa which in the majority are temperate fungi. Thus when you for examle meet a name from the temperate zones applied to a tropical fungus, the alarm bells should ring.

If you want to find pictures and information about specific groups of fungi, please check our MycoKey link collection.

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