MycoKey : the species Coprinopsis nivea

Generic short diagnoses: Deliquescent black-spored, saprobic, very delicate or more fleshy agarics, sometimes plicate, smooth, pulverulent, hairy, squamulose to squarrose pilei without projecting cystidia; veil often prominent, of elongate to coralloid or globose elements; spores with mostly prominent germ pore, smooth or ornamented; hymenial cystidia mostly prominent.

Coprinopsis nivea - DK: snehvid blækhat, UK: Snowy Inkcap

Coprinopsis nivea , snehvid blækhat, Snowy Inkcap, snøhvit blekksopp, snøvit blæcksvamp, Witte mestinktzwam
Illustration and © Jens H. Petersen
Denmark, JHP-97.216

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