MycoKey : the genus Tricholoma

Generic short diagnoses: Fleshy, ectomycorrhizal agarics with variously coloured, often umbonate, smooth to squamulose pileus, emarginate lamellae and white, smooth, inamyloid spores and with hardly differentiated cheilocystidia.

Species examples:
Tricholoma acerbum
Tricholoma aestuans
Tricholoma albidum
Tricholoma albobrunneum
Tricholoma argyraceum f. inocybeoides
Tricholoma arvernense
Tricholoma aurantium
Tricholoma basirubens
Tricholoma borgsjoeense
Tricholoma caligatum
Tricholoma cingulatum
Tricholoma colossus
Tricholoma columbetta
Tricholoma equestre
Tricholoma focale
Tricholoma fulvum
Tricholoma imbricatum
Tricholoma inamoenum
Tricholoma lascivum
Tricholoma pardinum
Tricholoma pessundatum
Tricholoma populinum
Tricholoma portentosum
Tricholoma psammopus
Tricholoma saponaceum
Tricholoma scalpturatum
Tricholoma sejunctum
Tricholoma stiparophyllum
Tricholoma sulphureum
Tricholoma ustale
Tricholoma vaccinum

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