MycoKey : the genus Ramaria

Generic short diagnoses: Smallish to very large, coralloid basidiomycte fungi, exhibiting a range of colours; context green with FeSO4; on wood, soil or litter. Saprobic or ectotrophic.

Species examples:
Ramaria abietina
Ramaria apiculata
Ramaria botrytis
Ramaria broomei
Ramaria corrugata
Ramaria eumorpha
Ramaria fagetorum ss. auct.
Ramaria fennica
Ramaria flaccida
Ramaria flavicingula
Ramaria formosa
Ramaria gracilis
Ramaria largentii
Ramaria obtusissima
Ramaria pallida
Ramaria sanguinea
Ramaria schildii
Ramaria stricta
Ramaria subdecurrens
Ramaria suecica
Ramaria testaceoflava

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