MycoKey : the genus Phellinus

Generic short diagnoses: Tough to woody hard, resupinate to hoof-shaped, perennial, vivid brown-fleshed, white rotting polypores, typically with prominent setae in hymenium or flesh. Often on still living trees.

Species examples:
Phellinus chrysoloma
Phellinus conchatus
Phellinus contiguus
Phellinus ferreus
Phellinus ferruginosus
Phellinus igniarius
Phellinus laevigatus
Phellinus lundellii
Phellinus nigrolimitatus
Phellinus pini
Phellinus populicola
Phellinus punctatus
Phellinus robustus
Phellinus tremulae
Phellinus tuberculosus
Phellinus viticola

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