MycoKey : the genus Mycena

Generic short diagnoses: Tiny to smallish, white-spored, saprobic agarics, with all kinds of lamellae attachments; mostly with amyloid spores and dextrinoid lamellar trama, often with prominent cheilocystidia.

Species examples:
Mycena acicula
Mycena aciculata
Mycena adonis
Mycena adscendens
Mycena aetites
Mycena alexandri
Mycena amicta
Mycena arcangeliana
Mycena aurantiomarginata
Mycena belliae
Mycena bulbosa
Mycena capillaris
Mycena chlorantha
Mycena cinerella
Mycena clavata
Mycena clavicularis
Mycena clavularis
Mycena crocata
Mycena cyanorrhiza
Mycena echinipes
Mycena epipterygia
Mycena galericulata
Mycena galopus
Mycena haematopus
Mycena hiemalis
Mycena inclinata
Mycena juniperina
Mycena meliigena
Mycena oregonensis
Mycena pelianthina
Mycena picta
Mycena polyadelpha
Mycena polygramma
Mycena pseudocorticola
Mycena pterigena
Mycena pura
Mycena rosea
Mycena rubromarginata
Mycena sanguinolenta
Mycena speirea
Mycena speirea f. camptophyllus
Mycena stylobates
Mycena tubarioides
Mycena vitilis
Mycena vulgaris
Mycena zephirus

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