MycoKey : the genus Mollisia

Generic short diagnoses: Mostly superficial, whitish, greyish, brown or black, inoperculate discomycetes on a range of substrates, mostly with 0-1-septate spores‚ ± refractive paraphyses and a hyaline to brown or black textura globulosa, in some species seated on a dark subiculum.

Species examples:
"Belonopsis" asteroma
"Belonopsis" filispora
"Belonopsis" filispora
Mollisia artemisiae
Mollisia caespiticia
Mollisia cf. cinereo-olivascens
Mollisia cinerea
Mollisia coerulans
Mollisia discolor
Mollisia fusca
Mollisia ligni
Mollisia palustris
Mollisia pastinacae
Mollisia phalaridis
Mollisia prunicola
Mollisia revincta
Mollisia rosae
Mollisia sp.
Mollisia ventosa

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