MycoKey : the genus Marasmius

Generic short diagnoses: Tiny to medium sized, mostly litter dwelling, saprobic agarics, that can revive after desiccation, often with stipes, that turn dark towards the base; with broom-cells in the pileipellis and inamyloid spores; hyphae may be dextrinoid.

Species examples:
Marasmius bulliardii
Marasmius cornelii
Marasmius curreyi
Marasmius epiphyllus
Marasmius hudsonii
Marasmius limosus
Marasmius menieri
Marasmius oreades
Marasmius rotula
Marasmius setosus
Marasmius siccus
Marasmius torquescens
Marasmius wynnei

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