MycoKey : the genus Lepiota

Generic short diagnoses: Mostly fairly thin-fleshed, more or less squamulose, white-spored, saprobic agarics with free, crowded lamellae; stipe often annulate or girdled and spores mostly dextrinoid, in some bullet-shaped.

Species examples:
Lepiota boudieri
Lepiota brunneoincarnata
Lepiota castanea
Lepiota cingulum
Lepiota clypeolaria
Lepiota cristata
Lepiota erminea
Lepiota felina
Lepiota grangei
Lepiota griseovirens
Lepiota ignivolvata
Lepiota magnispora
Lepiota subalba
Lepiota subgracilis
Lepiota subincarnata

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