MycoKey : the genus Lactarius

Generic short diagnoses: Ectotrophic, mostly dull-coloured agarics with crumbly flesh with latex and amyloid, ornamented spores.

Species examples:
Lactarius acerrimus
Lactarius acris
Lactarius aquizonatus
Lactarius aspideus
Lactarius aurantiacus
Lactarius blennius
Lactarius camphoratus
Lactarius chrysorrheus
Lactarius circellatus
Lactarius controversus
Lactarius deliciosus
Lactarius deterrimus
Lactarius dryadophilus
Lactarius evosmus
Lactarius fulvissimus
Lactarius glyciosmus
Lactarius helvus
Lactarius hepaticus
Lactarius lignyotus
Lactarius lilacinus
Lactarius mairei
Lactarius nanus
Lactarius omphaliformis
Lactarius pallidus
Lactarius piperatus
Lactarius plumbeus
Lactarius pterosporus
Lactarius pubescens
Lactarius quieticolor
Lactarius quietus
Lactarius romagnesii
Lactarius rufus
Lactarius ruginosus
Lactarius scrobiculatus
Lactarius serifluus
Lactarius spinosulus
Lactarius subdulcis
Lactarius tabidus
Lactarius torminosus
Lactarius trivialis
Lactarius tuomikoskii
Lactarius uvidus
Lactarius vellereus
Lactarius vietus
Lactarius volemus

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