MycoKey : the genus Lachnum

Generic short diagnoses: Sessile to stipitate, hairy, mostly whitish, rarely pinkish to orange coloured, inoperculate discomycetes with ± hyaline, entirely rough, septate hairs and mostly lanceolate, protruding paraphyses. Not rarely turing red-brown with age due to refractive vacuolar guttules in paraphyses and hairs. Excipulum of textura prismatica.

Species examples:
Lachnum apalum
Lachnum carneolum
Lachnum clavigerum
Lachnum controversum
Lachnum eburneum
Lachnum imbecille
Lachnum impudicum
Lachnum nudipes
Lachnum pudibundum
Lachnum rhytismatis
Lachnum sp.
Lachnum tenuipilosum
Lachnum virgineum

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