MycoKey : the genus Inocybe

Generic short diagnoses: Dull brown-spored (lamellae ± greyish), mostly dull-coloured agarics with strongly fibrillose to squamulose, often umbonate pileus; spores either smooth, nodulose-angular or with thick spines; metuloid cystidia of frequent occurrence; without distinct chemical reactions but often with spermatic or otherwise characteristic smells.

Species examples:
Inocybe adaequata
Inocybe agardhii
Inocybe bongardii
Inocybe calamistrata
Inocybe calospora
Inocybe cincinnata var. cincinnata
Inocybe erubescens
Inocybe flocculosa
Inocybe fraudans
Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina
Inocybe godeyi
Inocybe hirtella
Inocybe hystrix
Inocybe lanuginosa
Inocybe napipes
Inocybe nematoloma
Inocybe petiginosa
Inocybe praetervisa
Inocybe rimosa
Inocybe sindonia
Inocybe terrigena
Inocybe whitei

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