MycoKey : the genus Hyphodontia

Generic short diagnoses: Whitish resupinates with a smooth, warty, spiny, odontoid or poroid hymenophore; small to medium sized, thin-walled and inamyloid spores, mostly constricted basidia and versiform sterile hymenial elements.

Species examples:
Hyphodontia abieticola
Hyphodontia arguta
Hyphodontia crustosa
Hyphodontia detritica
Hyphodontia flavipora
Hyphodontia juniperi
Hyphodontia nespori
Hyphodontia pallidula
Hyphodontia paradoxa
Hyphodontia pruni
Hyphodontia quercina
Hyphodontia radula
Hyphodontia sambuci

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