MycoKey : the genus Hymenoscyphus

Generic short diagnoses: Narrowly attached to long stipitate, rather fragile, whitish or brightly coloured, inoperculate discomycetes on various substrates, mostly with fairly large, aseptate spores.

Species examples:
Hymenoscyphus albidus
Hymenoscyphus cf. salicellus
Hymenoscyphus epiphyllus
Hymenoscyphus fagineus
Hymenoscyphus fructigenus
Hymenoscyphus imberbis
Hymenoscyphus repandus
Hymenoscyphus rhodoleucus
Hymenoscyphus robustior
Hymenoscyphus scutula
Hymenoscyphus sp.
Hymenoscyphus sp. (with red stem)
Hymenoscyphus subcarneus
Hymenoscyphus subtilis
Hymenoscyphus suspectus
Hymenoscyphus vernus
Hymenoscyphus virgultorum

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