MycoKey : the genus Entoloma

Generic short diagnoses: Highly variable agarics both in form and size, from crepidotoid, mycenoid to tricholomatoid. The pink spore deposit and more or less faceted spores are the most important shared characters.

Species examples:
Entoloma albotomentosum
Entoloma allochroum
Entoloma anatinum
Entoloma araneosum
Entoloma atrocoeruleum
Entoloma byssisedum
Entoloma caccabus
Entoloma caesiocinctum
Entoloma callirhodon
Entoloma cephalotrichum
Entoloma cetratum
Entoloma chalybaeum var. chalybaeum
Entoloma clypeatum
Entoloma conferendum
Entoloma corvinum
Entoloma depluens
Entoloma dysthaloides
Entoloma euchroum
Entoloma eulividum
Entoloma exile
Entoloma fernandae
Entoloma formosum
Entoloma glaucobasis
Entoloma incanum
Entoloma incarnatofuscescens
Entoloma jahnii
Entoloma lividoalbum
Entoloma lividocyanulum
Entoloma longistriatum
Entoloma mougeotii var. fuscomarginatum
Entoloma neglectum
Entoloma nitidum
Entoloma pallescens
Entoloma papillatum
Entoloma parkensis
Entoloma pleopodium
Entoloma poliopus
Entoloma politum
Entoloma porphyrophaeum
Entoloma prunuloides
Entoloma queletii
Entoloma rhodocalyx
Entoloma rhodopolium
Entoloma rhombisporum
Entoloma roseum
Entoloma scabiosum
Entoloma scabrosum
Entoloma sericatum
Entoloma sericellum
Entoloma sericeum
Entoloma serrulatum
Entoloma sordidulum
Entoloma syringaecolor
Entoloma turbidum
Entoloma undatum
Entoloma vernum
Entoloma versatile
Entoloma xanthochroum
Entomola ochromicaceum

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