MycoKey : the genus Cortinarius

Generic short diagnoses: Highly variable, ± rusty brown-spored, ectotrophic agarics with attached lamellae and mostly prominent cortina (web-like veil); spores without germ pores and mostly distinctly roughened; differentiated cystidia rarely present.

Species examples:
Cortinarius alboviolaceus
Cortinarius alpinus
Cortinarius anomalus s. lato
Cortinarius aprinus
Cortinarius armillatus
Cortinarius barbatus
Cortinarius bolaris
Cortinarius caerulescens
Cortinarius caesiolatens
Cortinarius calochrous
Cortinarius camphoratus
Cortinarius caperatus
Cortinarius cinnabarinus
Cortinarius citrinus
Cortinarius cliduchus
Cortinarius coerulescens
Cortinarius collinitus
Cortinarius cotoneus
Cortinarius croceocaeruleus
Cortinarius decipiens
Cortinarius elatior
Cortinarius eucaeruleus
Cortinarius gossypinus
Cortinarius helvelloides
Cortinarius hemitrichus
Cortinarius humicola
Cortinarius infractus
Cortinarius largus
Cortinarius obsoletus
Cortinarius obtusus
Cortinarius pholideus
Cortinarius praestans
Cortinarius purpurascens
Cortinarius rubellus
Cortinarius rufoolivaceus
Cortinarius salor
Cortinarius sanguineus
Cortinarius saturninus
Cortinarius semisanguineus
Cortinarius sphagnophilus
Cortinarius splendens
Cortinarius torvus
Cortinarius triumphans
Cortinarius uliginosus
Cortinarius violaceus
Cortinarius vulpinus

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