MycoKey : the genus Coprinopsis

Generic short diagnoses: Deliquescent black-spored, saprobic, very delicate or more fleshy agarics, sometimes plicate, smooth, pulverulent, hairy, squamulose to squarrose pilei without projecting cystidia; veil often prominent, of elongate to coralloid or globose elements; spores with mostly prominent germ pore, smooth or ornamented; hymenial cystidia mostly prominent.

Species examples:
Coprinopsis atramentaria
Coprinopsis cf. kubikae
Coprinopsis cothurnata
Coprinopsis echinospora
Coprinopsis erythrocephala
Coprinopsis friesii
Coprinopsis lagopus
Coprinopsis macrocephala
Coprinopsis nivea
Coprinopsis phlyctidospora
Coprinopsis picacea
Coprinopsis sclerotiger
Coprinopsis semitalis
Coprinopsis stercorea
Coprinus (Coprinopsis) cordisporus
Coprinus (Coprinopsis) cortinatus
Coprinus (Coprinopsis) ephemeroides

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