MycoKey : the genus Boletus

Generic short diagnoses: Fleshy, ectotrophic boletes, with fine to coarse, sinuate or attached, poroid hymenophore; often staining in bluish hues; spores mostly dark brownish and more or less cylindrical, smooth to indistinctly ornamented.

Species examples:
Boletus aereus
Boletus appendiculatus
Boletus badius
Boletus bubalinus
Boletus calopus
Boletus chrysenteron
Boletus cisalpinus
Boletus communis
Boletus edulis
Boletus fechtneri
Boletus ferrugineus
Boletus legaliae
Boletus luridiformis
Boletus luridiformis var. discolor
Boletus luridus
Boletus parasiticus
Boletus pinophilus
Boletus porosporus
Boletus pruinatus
Boletus pulverulentus
Boletus queletii
Boletus radicans
Boletus reticulatus
Boletus rhodopurpureus
Boletus ripariellus
Boletus rubellus
Boletus satanas
Boletus subtomentosus

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