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Created by Jens H. Petersen, MycoKey, Denmark
& Thomas Læssøe, MycoKey/University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The new funga »Fungi of Temperate Europe« is now available in English, Danish and French. The work is published in two volumes and amounts to 1.717 pages. It includes more than 2.800 species distributed on more than 1.000 genera and illustrated with more than 10.000 pictures (read more here).

An innovative element of the work is the newly designed identification wheels to fungal genera. We have prepared a digital version of the wheels that can be freely downloaded.

Download English version

Download French version

Download Danish version

Comments or problems, please e-mail Jens H. Petersen

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Download Equatorial fungi – mycological biodiversity in Ecuador (pdf).
To the Ecuador webpage.
Visit the fungi of Burkina Faso (West Africa).

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             Les Champignons . . – obtenir les roues . . . (pdf)

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